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Hi Mary,

For e-books, it's best to go to the library webpage ( and use the VANCAT catalog search box to search for: motor development

Those search terms are giving me a better search result than gross motor skills, and is still covering the same material. Then on the left side of the search result page, click on the little e-book book to limit your search to just e-books. From there, you would have to look at titles and the table of contents for the books to see which of them cover normal gross motor skills in children.

Scholarly journals are easier to limit your search so specifically, but not completely foolproof. You may still see a few articles here and there that don't apply to you, but you can at least cut out most of the unwanted journals.

I would start with the databases called Medline Complete (from the library webpage's list of databases), sign in with your login information (same as Moodle), and create the search below in the text boxes that come up when you open the database. You may need to click on the round plus sign to add more search boxes, since you will be placing each term exactly as shown here with the correct AND,OR,Not selection for each search box. The asteriks symbol is kind of like a wild card where it will make the computer fill in the blank and search for any variations (ex. disabilit* = disibility, disabilities).

(First box): motor development

AND: children

AND: healthy

NOT: disabilit*

NOT: illness

NOT: disorder*

Remember to click on the Full-text box, and all articles for this database are automatically scholarly articles. Hit search and look through your results. There were some good ones further down the result page too.

You can do the same search combination in any of the other health, nursing, or medical related databases that you see on the library webpage. I've emailed you some articles directly from the database called Health and Medical Databases using this same search combination. Some of the other databases are just much bigger, so don't be discouraged if you have to scroll down past 10 or so articles before you see some articles that will work for you.

Good luck and let me know if you run into trouble and get stuck. We are here to help you succeed and become the best researcher that you can be! :)


Michelle Schonken

Library Associate


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