Answered By: Michelle Schonken
Last Updated: Nov 16, 2017     Views: 10

The free online website is a great resource to do a word study from home. I'll show you one way you can use the tools available here. Once you are on the website, click on either the Hebrew tool or the Greek tool links in the middle of the page. If your word is in the Old Testament, click on Hebrew, and if it is in the New Testament, then click on Greek.

Search for your word in the Greek or Hebrew box. When you click on a result, just double check that your Bible passage is mentioned on the right hand side or that the definition of the Greek word makes sense in context of your verse/topic. If not, you may have click on the wrong result - go back and click on the relevant one. To see how many times that term is mentioned in that testament (either old or new, depending on which you searched), just look at the number of "occurrences" on the right hand side. Scrolling down you will see the definitions given for the term.

You can do a search in commentaries for your Bible passage in the very very top of the website. Select your Bible book, the chapter/verse, and select a commentary to search within. The results will show the scripture passage first, and then scrolling down you will find the writings of that commentary on your passage.